Tropical effect of dial plate

Nowadays, the tropical effect of dial plate is a specific discoloration of dial plate present in some of the vintage watches and caused by climatic conditions in which the watch was used.

The ideal way to obtain the tropical effect of dial plate is a long-lasting usage in a strongly exposed surroundings and afterwards, storing it for a long time in a dark place.

Obtaining a dial plate that from a stock black colour changed to a hue of brown colour requires years and favourable conditions, and that is why dial plates with tropical effect are very rare and demanded by collectors.

It is not coincidental that “tropical” watches are often the ones that were purchased and worn in South America or Africa.

Tropical effect is by no means a damage to dial plate. It is an outcome of a natural process taking place on a dial plate due to conditions to which the watch had been exposed, together with the lacquer or paint used on dial plate that make it possible to obtain such an effect.

What is the most important is that “tropical” is a very spectacular visual effect, allowing to distinguish such a watch from among other watches of a given reference, at the same time giving the collector the joy of possessing a unique dial plate, that “lives” and changes over the course of time.

It is worth mentioning that watches with tropical dial plate are highly valued by collectors. Watches with tropical dial plate effect very often reach double or triple auction prices in comparison to watches of the same reference with regular dial plate.